OPALIN - Swiss Fine Bubbles

The first natural lemonades from Wallis.  Made with love by a team of 5 people passionate about nature and natural taste. They press fresh fruits and roots in a local factory, powered by solar panels. The ingredients are then blended with natural water and a touch of cane sugar (max. 3%). Nothing else.

Four blends are available today: Raspberry, Ginger, Galanga and Eldeberry.

Opaline is a small company which seeks to work in harmony with Humans and Nature. It recently obtained a Bcorp certification, in recognition for its work in sustainable development.


Association Criteria:

 Founded in Switzerland: Orsières, 2011
 Produced in Switzerland: Sion
 Employees: 5


Contact Information

 Website: www.opaline-factory.ch
 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  Phone: 079 744 62 19
 ► Address: La Rosière 10, 1937 Orsières