Opaline - Swiss Fine Juices

A range of delicate blends, made exclusively from fresh fruits and vegetables. At Opaline, a team of 5 people passionate about nature and natural taste work daily to make juices like no other. Joining forces with local farmers. Respecting the rythm of nature. Producing its juices in a factory fuelled by solar panels. And giving priority to quality and authentic taste.

The collection includes 11 blends, from a classic Apple and Pear juice to an Apple juice infused with local plants including Edelweiss, Melissa and Verbena.

Beyond its quest for quality and authentic taste, Opaline works everyday to connect Humans with Nature. It recently obtained a Bcorp certification, in recognition for its work in adressing the needs of all ressources involved in the process of its activities.


Association Criteria:

 Founded in Switzerland: Orsières, 2011
 Produced in Switzerland: Sion
 Employees: 5


Contact Information

 Website: www.opaline-factory.ch
 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  Phone: 079 744 62 19
 ► Address: La Rosière 10, 1937 Orsières