NYCHA Kombucha

Our non-alcoholic super beverage is crafted by fermenting first flush darjeeling green tea! This is achieved by adding a SCOBY to the brew. These probiotic bacteria, yeasts, and the organic acids thusly produced are the reason for kombucha's lively and remarkable taste.
Kombucha has been drunk for more than 2,000 years because of its living microorganisms, antioxidants and vitamin richness which create a healthy balance in the body and strengthen the immune system. It also purifies and strengthens organs as well as neutralizing an unbalanced pH level. NYCHA offers a journey for the palate with organic & vegan flavour combinations of refreshing herbs, spicy ginger & rich quince-pear all with a distinct harmony between sweet & sour.

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 Founded in Switzerland: Wettingen, 2017
 Produced in Switzerland: Wettingen
 Employees: 3


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  Phone: 043 508 50 58
 ► Address: Klosterstrasse 40, 5430 Wettingen