Vivi Kola - Switzerland's very own cola since 1938

Back in 1938, the local bottler of mineral water in Eglisau launched Switzerland's very own cola - Vivi Kola. The brand began to flourish throughout Switzerland and remained a dominant player until its production was stopped in 1986 due to international competitors with a much higher marketing budget.

After Vivi Kola was absent from the Swiss market for 24 years, Christian Forrer, born in Eglisau, found the old receipe in the museum and relaunched the brand.

Association Criteria

 Founded in Switzerland: Eglisau, 1938
 Produced in Switzerland: Elm, Personico
 Employees: 5



Contact Information

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  Phone: 043 960 38 27
 ► Address: Pflanzschulstrasse 34, 8004 Zürich